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Open Air Academy will be back as a festival in spring 2017. Stay tuned for pop-up events in 2016. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us at info@goldendays.dk

 2015 English programme:

A Sting in the Tale  
British biologist and professor David Goulson is a bee researcher at the University of Sussex and author of the bestselling "A Sting in the Tale", now available in Danish. Goulson talks about his discoveries concerning one of nature's most important creatures, the bumblebee, and shares his thoughts and knowledge on nature. Saturday 3:30 PM

How to Connect with Nature
Philosopher Brennan Jacoby believes that a greater connection with nature can enrich us as individuals, and that transforming the way we view and experience the natural world can change our lives. Jacoby addresses our relationship with nature and how to improve it. Brennan Jacoby is a faculty member at The School of Life, a London-based organisation aiming to offer instruction on how to lead a fulfilled life.
Saturday 5 PM & Sunday 12 noon

How to Translate?
Before the year is out, Josefine Klougart's En af os sover will become One of us is sleeping. The novel is not only about sorrow but also about finding a home - but how to translate a home that is not only a place but also a language and a tone? Under the theme LOST IN TRANSLATION Josefine Klougart and her English translator Martin Aitken will read and discuss the challenges of bringing something very Danish into a language which has never experienced the hills of Mols. The event is hosted by ark books, the international bookstore on Nørrebro. Monday 2:15 PM

We like We - Concert
We like We is an experimental performance and sound quartet based in Copenhagen. Expanding their inspiration and influence from the classical roots, they make music driven by intuition and playfulness, traveling beyond the grid of genres. We like We consists of Katrine Grarup Elbo (violin) Josefine Opsahl (cello) Sara Nigard Rosendal (percussion) and Katinka Fogh Vindelev (vocal). All four are classically trained, but share the desire for exploring, experimenting, jamming and shaping a sound of their own. Sunday 8 PM

Taste the Doom whisky tasting
Please welcome the world's first Whisky tasting accompanied by Doom Metal event - Taste the Doom. 2 hours of doom metal, whisky talks/introductions and at least 5 drams of fine, tasty whisky. Saturday 7 PM
Please notice! Only limited seats and additional admission. 

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Volunteer at Open Air Academy
Open Air Academy welcomes volunteers with all ranges of skills and qualifications to assist in all areas of Open Air Academy. Read more about how you can become a Volunteer.

About Open Air Academy
Open Air Academy is a new festival dedicated to science, nature, philosophy and art, taking place for the first time from the 23rd to the 25th of May 2015.

Open Air Academy is situated in the beautiful, historical surroundings of Brede Works and the Mill Stream – only 20 min from Copenhagen by train or car.

The ambition is to create space for conversation, enlightenment, workshops and debates, all while using nature and culture as the social framework for such an encounter. We want to set the scene for new realizations and interdisciplinary meetings between science, art, history, technology, crafts, and humanities.

Open Air Academy will feature some of the most innovative and compelling Danish and international researchers, thinkers, authors, artists, alongside other notable personalities.

Open Air Academy is based on the premise that we are all interested in getting to know ourselves and one another better - and that sharing our knowledge with each other is a way to enlighten us to which direction we need to be heading both as individuals as well as in our respective societies.

See the English programme here.

Open Air Academy is created in cooperation with The University of Copenhagen (The Faculty of Humanities), The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the newspaper Dagbladet Information and Frilandsmuseet, Brede Værk (The Open Air Museum , Brede Works - a part of The National Museum of Denmark).